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Richard—The Showbox (2007-03-16)
[Courtesy Chelsea Heinzmann]From the Fall at the Central—The Central (2006-12-02)
[Courtesy Jenzy]Richard—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Michele]Mooning—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Michele]Yeah—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Michele]Sweaty—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Michele]
Shaun and Richard—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Michele]Richard 1—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Rose Andrews]Richard 2—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Rose Andrews]Richard 3—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Rose Andrews]Richard 4—The Showbox (2006-07-01)
[Courtesy Rose Andrews]Richard—The Central (2006-04-15)
[Courtesy Robert Reyes]
Richard is a chicken—Waldo's (2005-10-29)
[Courtesy Corinne Leuschen]Richard—Waldo's (2005-10-29)
[Courtesy Corinne Leuschen]Richard—Neumo's (2005-07-22)
[Courtesy Corinne Leuschen]Richard again—The Showbox (2005-03-26)
[Courtesy Jenzy]Richard soloing—The Showbox (2005-03-26)
[Courtesy Jenzy]Richard looking metal—The Showbox (2005-03-26)
[Courtesy Jenzy]
Richard yelling—The Showbox (2005-03-26)
[Courtesy Jenzy]

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