"Entropy" cover (obverse)

Some think it's a waste of time
Others seek a purpose
A planet in the cold of the sun
Frozen by the flames I melt confused again

Did you ever dream to be someone and find yourself awake
In the shadow of a fantasy, did you give up everything
You'll never find your way in life
'Cause you're always down on your knees
I can't stand to lose another friend

Peel back the shades of time
Revealing the cycles
Of never-ending entropy
A ripple in the tides of time we'll fade away

When we're dead and gone, will we have left our stain and when we see
We don't have to live in pain, embrace the steady change as the world turns another day

And you won't realize your punishment
Won't ever find you 'cause you're living it
Inside the walls I see the gleam
This shiny dream you're living in
And, no, I don't think that we'll live through it
No, I don't think that we'll wake from this
It would take all of us to hinder this

Words and music by From the Fall.
Copyright © 2005, From the Fall. All rights reserved.

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