Exit Wounds

"Entropy" cover (obverse)

Well, we're packed and we're ready to get this going
Try to make amends with animosity
Many times I have flown for this destination
Just to see it fade beneath a burning sea

We'll offer you nothing… nothing fake

Happiness is a pig dressed in ladies' clothing
Better have a burning or that witch will brew
Pry her charred fingers back from a book of memories
And you'll see the fool she tried to make of you

We'll offer you nothing… nothing fake

Torrid lights set ablaze to the maze that you painted
Rattle on in a cloud of burning apathy
'Cause the life that you live is as good as you make it
You're the arbitrator of your destiny

We'll offer you nothing… nothing fake

Words and music by From the Fall.
Copyright © 2005, From the Fall. All rights reserved.

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