Life Without Chains

"Entropy" cover (obverse)

Someone once told me
Life will let you down
If you don't live it without regret
And when he laughed out
It shook the great foundation
The earth was molten and I was meat

Under the cloud
Of a life without change
Slowly dying with the days
Try to live out
Your life without chains
Lift the weight of your restraints

Someone once told me
Respect is not demanded
But rather something you earn with time
Now the world is crumbling
A festering infection
So stand in line and get your injection

Maybe we'll change
And not trust in this game
Maybe we'll fail
But never in chains

Life without chains
Life without chains
Live without chains
Love without chains
A life without chains
Die without chains

Words and music by From the Fall.
Copyright © 2004, From the Fall. All rights reserved.

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