Straw Man

"Entropy" cover (obverse)

I've hitched that ride before taking an order
That shit will take its toll making an odor
Feels like a scripted take faking a motive
Forlorn you play the role just like a straw man

While we're pissing in the wind
I'll have rolled one for you
With an offering of wine
To ease the motor in you

I've smoked your hype before stroking another
The long arms of mind control rolling you over
Using the wrong questioning, find the wrong answers
Set up to fail again just like a straw man

Faceless, raceless, life can't last forever
Weightless, painless, you don't act so clever
Fateless, gateless, you can't act forever
Straw man, straw man

While you're purring in your eyes
A heart is burning in you
So buckle up and eye your blind spots, children
Hurry up and waste your lives
But your fortune was a lie
Shitting cookies by noon
Feed the one who gets you high
'Cause he's the poet in you

Words and music by From the Fall.
Copyright © 2005, From the Fall. All rights reserved.

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